The oasis -The rooftop café at M&S Grafton Street

The rooftop café

Many shoppers will know the oasis in the city that is the rooftop café at M&S Grafton Street. Next time you meet a friend there for lunch, take a minute to look at the architecture. Ever wondered how such a roof could be constructed? Imagine doing that while the store is open as usual.

This was the challenge set to Nugent Manufacturing, the steel contractor on the job. What it meant for Stephen and his team was putting in place noise-control measures during the day and doing much of the work at night. Every piece of equipment used on the job had to be dismantled come morning. Stephen Nugent remembers a huge beam being brought in, integral to the roof construction. It had to be the exact size, not a millimetre out. A crane on Grafton Street manoeuvred the beam on to the roof, navigating the tight spaces as a result of buildings all around the site.

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