EN 1090 and ISO 9001:2008

Nugent Manufacturing poised for success with rigorous industry accreditations EN 1090 and ISO 9001:2008 under its belt

Since July 2014, manufacturers, distributors and importers of construction products used within the EU are obliged to CE mark their products where they are covered by either a harmonised standard or European Technical Assessment (ETA). This applies not only to components (such as steel beams, bolts etc) but also to fabricated elements and systems made from both CE marked and non-CE marked products. Continue reading “EN 1090 and ISO 9001:2008”

Energy and Environmental Sustainability Winner 2015

4th March 2014, a red letter day for Nugent Manufacturing

On the same day on which Nugent Manufacturing achieved the EN 1090, the CE marking standard for steel fabrication, the company took home the Energy and environmental sustainability award at the Small Firms Association annual business awards, and was runner up in the manufacturing category.

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