Energy and Environmental Sustainability Winner 2015

4th March 2014, a red letter day for Nugent Manufacturing

On the same day on which Nugent Manufacturing achieved the EN 1090, the CE marking standard for steel fabrication, the company took home the Energy and environmental sustainability award at the Small Firms Association annual business awards, and was runner up in the manufacturing category.

Stephen Nugent, MD of Nugent Manufacturing, is passionate about maintaining as clean as possible an environment at Nugent. “Steel fabrication is perceived as a dirty industry”, he said, “but I am determined to that we should make as small a footprint as we can, environmentally, and I have the full support of my entire team in that.”
When you think about it, steel is a 100% recyclable material. There will always be off-cuts, however, in order to minimise waste, Nugent invested in software which calculates the best way to cut a piece of steel in order to have the least amount of wastage.
From simple steps like replacing all the lights in the factory with CFL light bulbs, to installing glass panels in the factory roof to maximise natural daylight, Nugent is making its operations as environmentally sustainable as possible. “We use no noxious liquids”, said Stephen, “And our refuse is removed by a waste disposal firm licensed to remove the by-products and small amount of waste from our industry”.
See interview below with Stephen Nugent from Nugent Manufacturing after being announced winner of the Energy and Sustainability category.