EN 1090 and ISO 9001:2008

Nugent Manufacturing poised for success with rigorous industry accreditations EN 1090 and ISO 9001:2008 under its belt

Since July 2014, manufacturers, distributors and importers of construction products used within the EU are obliged to CE mark their products where they are covered by either a harmonised standard or European Technical Assessment (ETA). This applies not only to components (such as steel beams, bolts etc) but also to fabricated elements and systems made from both CE marked and non-CE marked products.

The regulation is there to harmonise the safety performance of construction products across the EU. In effect, the standard ensures adequate levels of mechanical resistance and stability, serviceability and durability in steel products and steel construction.

At Nugent Manufacturing, Helen Nugent took on the massive project of earning the EN 1090 – 2, which covers technical requirements for the execution of steel structures.

“When you think about the level of trust that clients and main contractors have to have in those they engage to carry out their construction or engineering projects, you can imagine how important it is for a supplier to have the EN 1090”, said Helen Nugent. “It has given us a huge competitive advantage”.

What reaching the EN 1090 – 2 standard means in practice is that each and every piece of steel, even off-cuts, must be CE marked and traceable. Earning the sought-after accreditation involved putting in place a complex system of auditing, labelling, database management and staff training, the appointment of a welding coordinator and the putting in place of welding quality management systems. Standards are subsequently monitored by the notified inspection body at minimum intervals.

We live for safety

“Our mantra here is ‘We live for safety’ so it makes total sense that we would go after and achieve the EN 1090 2”, commented MD Stephen Nugent on the awarding of the standard in March 2015.

It also makes sense that Nugent would pursue and achieve the world’s leading quality management standard, IS0 9001:2008. ISO 9001 recognises excellence in management systems. 9001:2008 relates to the design, fabrication and erection of structural steel.

Achieving the standard once again required an enormous investment in staff and systems. Each procedure in the plant requires method statements and safety statements. Having achieved the standard, Nugent Manufacturing must go through internal and external audits.

“It’s a good system”, said Helen Nugent, internal auditor, “It makes you ask the question ‘Will this process help you achieve your stated objectives? Is it a good process or is there a way to do it better?’.


– Click to download our certificate pdf – ISO-9001-2008-Certificate

– Click to download our certificate pdf – EN-1090-2-Execution-Class-2-Certificate