Nugent Manufacturing Limited EN 1090-2 EXC2

Nugent Manufacturing Ltd has achieved EC Certification in accordance with EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 for Factory Production Control and the necessary Welding Certificate annex that allows Nugent Manufacturing Ltd to place on the market load-bearing and welded structural steel products up to Execution Class 2 (EXC2) and affix the legally required CE mark to all its fabricated steelwork.

Why is the CE mark important?

CE marking demonstrates compliance with the appropriate manufacturing standard for a product. CE marking for all construction products, covered by a harmonised European standard or conforming to a European Technical Assessment, became mandatory on 1 July 2013. For fabricated structural steelwork, CE marking became mandatory on 1 July 2014.

Under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), new legal obligations have been placed on manufacturers, distributors and importers of construction products used within the EU to CE mark their products where they are covered by either a harmonised standard or European Technical Assessment (ETA). This applies not only to constituent products (such as steel beams, bolts etc) but also to fabricated elements and systems made from CE marked products.

As of from 1 July 2014 all fabricated structural steelwork delivered to construction sites has to be CE marked. To comply with the new mandatory regulations only steelwork contractors with an Execution Class equal to that required for a project can be considered.

For any project, the required quality of fabrication or Execution Class must be specified. EN 1090-2 requires the Execution Class to be specified for:

  • The works as a whole
  • Individual components
  • Details of an individual component

If the Execution Class is not specified, the default quality of fabrication is applied, the default quality requires steelwork to be fabricated to Execution class 2 (EXC2).

For the majority of buildings constructed in Ireland as of July 2014, EN 1090-2 EXC2 is required.